When you partner with Prestige Venture, you’re partnering with a trusted and responsible online trading solution.

We work with numerous partners, from integration partners to auditing practices to brokers.



 You don’t have to be a
millionaire to be a Prestige Partner!
But we can certainly help you
become one!


We provide you all the tools to make it big! Everything you need is just a few clicks away.


Our onboarding and training programs will help take your team to the next level!


After all, business is about returns. Our attractive scheme ensures you’ll be rewarded for performing!

Partner Benefits

Hundreds of leading accountants, bookkeepers, brokers and affiliates are already partnering with Prestige Venture.

World's leading online forex brokerage

Prestige Venture provides 24 hour online access to funding based on your convenience.

Peace of Mind

We have the support and scale of one of World’s largest liquidity provider, Citibank.

Ongoing Commissions

Our pricing and service ensure customers keep on coming back, so you earn an ongoing commission for each closed position by Clients.


Nothing to hide, just a simple spread applied with no penalty or commission for each position.

Partner FAQs

Prestige Venture believes in transparent pricing and responsible trading: we’re currently one of the most competitive in market and don’t charge any commission fees or entry fees.

It takes under ten minutes to apply and, depending on what data is shared with Prestige Venture, less than 24 hours for a decision.

Registration of a client in your group can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Automatically, when a client follows your referral link and then opens an account at PV, being identified by the system as your referral.
  • At registration, when a client enters your Username in the registration form in order to be added to your group, no matter whether he has followed your referral link before or not

IB’s commission is automatically credited to a Presto account balance in MetaTrader 4 for all closed orders executed by the clients for every 4 hours daily.  The difference between opening and closing price of the complete transaction should exceed 4 points regardless of it being profitable or not.

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our customer service and having real people to speak to. You can either email or call +248748336

Choosing PV partnership program, you will get the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed profit without risks.
  • Unlimited commission up to 1.3 pips per each lot traded by a client.
  • Superb support to partner from an introducing broker to an official representative in your hometown.

Absolutely; we’re happy to pass the discount on to your client. Please let us know when you’re making the referral, and we’ll take care of it.

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